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Rabbit Breeders                                                                            

I have been out of the breeding circle fro some years, so I don't know if these breeders are still breeding bunnies

 Please contact me if you want to be taken off the list

Ellen in Berwick -breeds Mini lop Bunnies

"Vintage Bunnies Stud"

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0410627636


---------- --------------------------------------------------

Gabriella in Reservoir - Melbourne breeds Mini Lop Rabbits (The Bunny Box Stud)
Phone: 0450-574-744 (Calls after 5pm only)


 Himali in Burwood Vic

Breeds Mini Lop Bunnies
Contact: (03) 98334385  / 0430081341
e-mail to : himalimailto:[email protected]


TC Bunnies breed Mini lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits

TC stands for Templestowe College as the bunnies live at the school there where the children learn how to take care of animals.

Contact  Abbey Phone  0430 222 391

email-  [email protected] 


Ali breeds Dwarf and Mini Lops

[email protected]

0403 538 523



Susie in Mornington, Breeds Mini Lops and Netherlands.

Also sells accessories which she is willing to post.

Phone. 03 5975 5269


Judith  breeds Silver fox Netherland Dwarf (Jersey's) Also Netherland dwarf

"Rose Cottage Stud" at Somerville

0417 033 638

E-mail ->  [email protected] 


Angela in Adelaide S.A breeds Flemish Giants

Eventide Rabbits  -- 0403694082
mailto:[email protected]


Skye at Balgownie NSW 2519 --  0410572646

Breads Mini Lops



 Trish  in N.S.W.> The Rabbit Patch-> http://www.therabbitpatch.com.au/


Margaretta -> Bayswater  97227047 Breeds Dutch rabbits


Barbara-> Box Hill  98908989   Breeds rabbits and guineas pigs.



 Rebeca and Wayde -> N.S.W 


Julie-> Breeding Mini Lop Rabbits->  Wollongong N.S.W.



 Lynne - Ballarat Region - Breed Mini Lops

Pyrenees Mini Lops Stud
Mobile:  0400 272 198
Find me on facebook.
Registered with R.B.A.V.
Jenny at Shepparton - Breeding mini lops only

Phone/Message us on: 0487 049 139

Email us at: [email protected]



Georgette at Wangaratta breeds Netherland Dwarf bunnies

Phone 03 579 830 83 ---


Tineka in Ballarat 'Clowning Around Rabbit Stud'

Ph 0413 625 853 or 5342 0945 

e-mail-   [email protected]

Breeds Harlequin and Vienna, English Angora.



Naomi from 'Burrow Downs Rabbit Stud' in Busselton WA

Breeds New Zealand white and dwarf lop Rabbits

Ph: 0450344068


Annelize in Perth W.A. breeds Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarf

Phone (08) 94046452 or 0424580912 



Chelsie in Wyndham Vale --Melbourne -Victoria-

Thumpin Mini Stud

Breeds Mini Lops




Jody and Peter in Pakenham Vic.  Breeds Mini Lops

Bashful Bunnies-[email protected]

Phone 0411 126 273 ---


Josie and Lynda -> Surry Hills Vic. Carrot Top Bunnies Stud -

Home Phone - 9078 74 89

Mobile- 0432 917 393

Breeds Mini Lops  http://carrottopbunnies.webs.com/


Anna "South Ridge Stud ' Boolara Sth. Vic 51696284

Breeds British Giants and English Spot


Brett  & Deb  breeding Mini lops.  Wonthaggi..  0448535120    0431701111 l [email protected] 


Jess at  Strathfieldsaye Victoria-'Hug A Bunny Stud'   0488602977 

Breeds Dutch, Tri-dutch, Dwarf Lop with Magpie and harlequin colouring



Lyndsay Bayliss

Breeder of mini lops and standard Rex in Perth WA




Kristie in Perth breeds Mini Lop and Netherland Dwarf



Lin Stuart   ->  N.S.W.

Bagotville Bunnies

Breeds Giant Flemish and Californian rabbits

Phone 02 66879954

Email: [email protected]



Anna in Uranquinty N.S.W.

Breeds pure bred rabbits


Facebook: Quinty Bunnies

Email:  [email protected]

 Phone no. 0432306105


Crystal in Skye Vic

Breeds Netherland Dwarf rabbits


0427624665 cheers crystal
Anita in Noble Park Nth. Vic.
Breeds Mini Lop and Himalayan Standard
Phone- 0450933977




Pick up only - by appointment

Order in advance.

Contact - Faye 98073340

email[email protected]

Cash or PayPal accepted

Backyard Bunny Shop Closed.

Now selling through Web Store

While stock lasts

Note :- Lots of price reductions

( Many below cost )

Sorry, I don't sell hay

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